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Merge VR Headset Review

The Merge VR offers an immersive type of virtual reality experience from the use of a Smartphone. Wearable right on you face, it is sculpted in a marshmallow type of soft foam that best fits very comfortably. It is well built and constructed to give the user a great virtual reality experience.

The Merge VR is mainly used with a compatible smartphone and Merge’s app, Merge Start, which holds a collection of immersive virtual reality experiences that you can enjoy and trip out on. The VR experiences range from 360 videos, games, virtual education, take an Oahu island tour, and more. And with developers creating more immersive VR content, I’m sure the collection will grow and evolve making this VR headset well worth it.

Compared to other VR headsets that are coming out on the market, Merge VR holds it’s quality. Here are some of it’s key features: (more…)

Nest Learning Thermostat Review

Do you want to know the most effective way on how to save energy at home with your thermostat? Look no further as the Nest Learning Thermostat is here. This 3rd generation model highlights a sleeker and thinner design with an even sharper and bigger display. This tech product will also save a little on your home’s electricity costs.

It offers an automatic or scheduled temperature control to control your home’s temperature. Set your cool temperatures to be during high noon, and set it raise the heat during the night. Or, automatically have your cooling unit or heater shut off according to you and/or your family’s work schedule. Oh and it will learn your cooling and heating habits over time and will become more efficient in keeping your home’s temperature perfect at all times! It’s like a mini robot! (more…)

Wicked Laser’s Krypton Laser Review

Are you searching for the most effective and most powerful type of handheld laser? Search no more as Wicked Laser’s Krypton Laser is available in the market. This is a solid state type of diode technology that’s becoming more popular today. Built with quality material and with a sturdy structure, this is one of the most high quality lasers that we’ve seen so far.

The Wicked Krypton Laser provides an unbroken beam of incredible green light. You can literally point out anything. It can be completely seen by astronauts as well!

Wicked Laser's Krypton Laser Review

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What Makes Wicked Laser’s Krypton Laser Different?

There are simply a lot of handheld lasers that are available in the market today. But, the Wicked Krypton Laser stands alone from the rest: (more…)

Wicked Laser’s Arctic Laser Review

If you are looking for a marvelous, handheld laser then the best choice for you can be Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser. This review will reveal to you the amazing features that you can enjoy with this laser.

The new and best ever Arctic has been made more intense and powerful as compared before. It now comes with more than 2,000W of completely variable power combined with all new modes and also, an indicator of the laser’s power. Once you have this Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser on your hands, you will be surprised to discover what this next generation laser technology is capable of. Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser has been made different as it was equipped with exceptional features that you may not find in any other lasers available in the market.

Use it at night or during the day. A friend of mine uses it for his tree cutting service business in broad daylight to point out the plans for his crew.

Review: Wicked Laser's Arctic Laser


Here is a list of the amazing features that Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser is proud to show to everyone: (more…)

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock Review

Your family and valuable security is one of your foremost concerns. Every day, you always think about how your family is at home, does your lock works well in keeping the place secured. This is a similar concern by many families which is why you can find countless products available in the market offering you enhanced safety of your home. On that note, one of the best products for this purpose is the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock.

What is Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock?

The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock is a product of Kwikset designed to enhance your house’s security using your own smart phone as your key. Your life just got easier thanks to this smart lock which uses Kevo’s Touch-To-Open technology which in your case is not more fumbling for your keys. This technology allows you to use your smart phone as the key. But, it does not mean that you have to fumble with your smart phone to open your door. It opens with just your touch which definitely makes it completely convenient.

This does not mean, however, that if you don’t have a smart phone you cannot use Kevo Smart Lock. It’s okay if you don’t have smart phone as you can enjoy the same touch-to-open experience with the fob included with the product. Of course, you can experience all the best features that Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock has to offer with your smart phone including notifications and easy management of your eKey with Kevo mobile app.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock Review


Amazon Echo Product Review

The Amazon Echo is truly considered an essential device. Use the power of your voice!

Amazon Echo is a hands-free device that can be controlled by speaking to “Alexa”, Amazon’s version of Apple’s Siri. It consists of seven microphones and a beam forming type technology so that you don;t have to yell from across the room to be heard by Alexa. It sports excellent speakers to fill your room with pleasing and immersive sound.

The Amazon Echo is cloud based and is able to provide all types of information, answers questions, plays requested music, reads the latest news, checks the weather and sports updates for you, and a whole lot more. As the information in the cloud evolves, so the the use of your Echo. (more…)

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