Amazon Echo Product Review

The Amazon Echo is truly considered an essential device. Use the power of your voice!

Amazon Echo is a hands-free device that can be controlled by speaking to “Alexa”, Amazon’s version of Apple’s Siri. It consists of seven microphones and a beam forming type technology so that you don;t have to yell from across the room to be heard by Alexa. It sports excellent speakers to fill your room with pleasing and immersive sound.

The Amazon Echo is cloud based and is able to provide all types of information, answers questions, plays requested music, reads the latest news, checks the weather and sports updates for you, and a whole lot more. As the information in the cloud evolves, so the the use of your Echo.

Amazon Echo Product Review

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Alexa App

Set up the Alexa App for your Android, Fire OS and desktop browsers and you can manage your music, alarms, shopping lists and more.

Smart Home

Amazon Echo also offers the high quality and appealing smart home. You can use the echo to switch on lights before you get out of bed. You can also turn on the space heater or fan while your busy reading or taking a shower. Or, you can dim the light while on the couch to enhance your movie experience.

Advanced and High Quality Audio Design

The Amazon Echo is tuned to offer crisp vocals with a dynamic bass response. It also has a dual downward firing speaker that can produce 360 degrees omni-directional audios for the amazing and immersive sounds around.

The Echo also offers hands-free voice control for Amazon Prime’s Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, Tuneln, and iHeartRadio. Bluetooth-enabled, you can stream from other music services right through your tablet or phone.

Review: Amazon Echo

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Far Field and Precise Voice Recognition

There are seven microphones which are tucked underneath the right of Amazon Echo. These sensors uses a beam technology so that you can be heard from anywhere in your home. It also blocks out ambient noise so that you can still talk to Alexa while in the shower or if it’s storming.

In all Amazon’s Echo exceeded our expectations. Quality build, good performance, and an evolving cloud technology, it’s a good buy to enhance your home with Amazon’s hands free, voice controlled home entertainment solution.


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