Merge VR Headset Review

The Merge VR offers an immersive type of virtual reality experience from the use of a Smartphone. Wearable right on you face, it is sculpted in a marshmallow type of soft foam that best fits very comfortably. It is well built and constructed to give the user a great virtual reality experience.

The Merge VR is mainly used with a compatible smartphone and Merge’s app, Merge Start, which holds a collection of immersive virtual reality experiences that you can enjoy and trip out on. The VR experiences range from 360 videos, games, virtual education, take an Oahu island tour, and more. And with developers creating more immersive VR content, I’m sure the collection will grow and evolve making this VR headset well worth it.

Compared to other VR headsets that are coming out on the market, Merge VR holds it’s quality. Here are some of it’s key features:

Gadget Review: Merge VR Headset

  • Powered by Smartphone

This Merge VR is manufactured and is suited to give you a virtual reality experience right from the use of your smartphone. Among the most recommended devices to pair up in the Merge VR include Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, HTC One M8, LG G4 and newer smartphones models. This is also compatible with all Android and iOS devices. This is also suitable to iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 Plus.

  • Flexible and Soft Foam

Sculpted in flexible and soft foam, the headset contours to your face and head for maximum comfort. Its soft foam can protect your device and its googles. Quality built, durable, and comfortable.

  • Portable

Its rugged foam type of unibody design can withstand the daily tear and wear.

  • Dual Input

The Merge VR features a unique a dual input system that keeps the VR experience immersive and responsive.  Run, jump, steer right, left, and it responds immediately.

Merge VR Headset Gadget Review

This Merge VR is designed with the user experience in mind. With a wide range of VR headsets hitting the markets and a few that are being produced by big name gaming companies like Sony, Merge’s early generation VR headset is a relatively inexpensive headset that you can get to experience the early generations on the new consumer marketed virtual reality headset products. And the best thing is that you can get the content right from your smartphone!


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