Nest Learning Thermostat Review

Do you want to know the most effective way on how to save energy at home with your thermostat? Look no further as the Nest Learning Thermostat is here. This 3rd generation model highlights a sleeker and thinner design with an even sharper and bigger display. This tech product will also save a little on your home’s electricity costs.

It offers an automatic or scheduled temperature control to control your home’s temperature. Set your cool temperatures to be during high noon, and set it raise the heat during the night. Or, automatically have your cooling unit or heater shut off according to you and/or your family’s work schedule. Oh and it will learn your cooling and heating habits over time and will become more efficient in keeping your home’s temperature perfect at all times! It’s like a mini robot!

Nest Learning Thermostat

Don’t know when you’ll be home?
With Nest’s convenient mobile device app, you can control your home’s temperature right from your device. Fifteen minute’s from home? Cool cool it down or heat it up to the perfect temperature so once you step in, your home is as welcoming as can be.

The Nest sports a Farsighted technology for its display so that you can view the contents from a distance and adjust your home’s climate easily.

Review Of Nest Learning Thermostat

Based on independent studies and researches, the Nest has been proven to help save energy. You can reduce about ten to twelve percent on your heating bill. Almost fifteen percent of your cooling bills may be reduced as well. Of course, the savings will build up over the long haul, so it holds a good investment value.


Nest Thermostats works hand-in-hand with Nest Protect. If the Nest Protect immediately detects dangerous and unhealthy carbon monoxide, it will notify the Nest Learning Thermostat to automatically turn its furnace off. The main purpose for this is to prevent the carbon monoxide from filling your home, which is very dangerous.

About The Nest Learning Thermostat

The installation is a breeze. Tech savvy people probably can have it set up within 30 minutes as we did. Nest also offers online support for those who aren’t that savvy with installations.

Other than having full and automated control over your home’s temperature, the Nest Learning Thermostat can potentially save you energy at home. So far it’s a great investment, and surely it will pay for itself in the long run!


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