Wicked Laser’s Arctic Laser Review

If you are looking for a marvelous, handheld laser then the best choice for you can be Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser. This review will reveal to you the amazing features that you can enjoy with this laser.

The new and best ever Arctic has been made more intense and powerful as compared before. It now comes with more than 2,000W of completely variable power combined with all new modes and also, an indicator of the laser’s power. Once you have this Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser on your hands, you will be surprised to discover what this next generation laser technology is capable of. Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser has been made different as it was equipped with exceptional features that you may not find in any other lasers available in the market.

Use it at night or during the day. A friend of mine uses it for his tree cutting service business in broad daylight to point out the plans for his crew.

Review: Wicked Laser's Arctic Laser


Here is a list of the amazing features that Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser is proud to show to everyone:

  • Smarter and Improved Technology – while it was encased in a virtually unyielding aircraft grade piece of aluminum, Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser has gained some upgrades in order to manage the unnerving strength and force of its next generation laser diode. We have given its completely variable strength so that you could select the exact power that you require. It comes with a strike-bezel tips that is transparent so you can use this laser to guide you and give some light while you’re walking in complete darkness going home.
  • Unbeatable Possibilities – Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser also comes with 4 functional modes which are constant on, momentary, bypass and strobe. Its LED panel shows your exact power level from time to time and by using the Phosforce, you can already transform this laser into a brilliant and useful white light flashlight and by using the Expander, you will be able to multiply the concentration of the beam. Another feature that you will love when you use Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser is the LaserSaber, which is not the same with what’s on your mind. With this, you will have all the options available to make everyone know that you have the best laser in the world.
  • Safety – this product is a powerful device which is not a toy and is designed to be used specifically by adults. Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser comes with cipher-locked SmartSwitch technology, helping you to lock this laser and make non-functional for unauthorized users. This feature will give you total control over who could assess this laser. Every package is completed with a pair LaserShades, Panasonic battery, charger and a tactical holster.

Wicked Laser's Arctic Laser Review

Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser is widely sold in many countries all over the world, except in the US, CH, AU and NZ. This is a risk-free item that comes with a money back guarantee. If ever you are not satisfied with this product, you may have the privilege to return this product within 30 days and get your money back. The manufacturer guarantees that Wicked Laser’s Artic Laser would be free from any defect for 12 months from the date of delivery.


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