Wicked Laser’s Krypton Laser Review

Are you searching for the most effective and most powerful type of handheld laser? Search no more as Wicked Laser’s Krypton Laser is available in the market. This is a solid state type of diode technology that’s becoming more popular today. Built with quality material and with a sturdy structure, this is one of the most high quality lasers that we’ve seen so far.

The Wicked Krypton Laser provides an unbroken beam of incredible green light. You can literally point out anything. It can be completely seen by astronauts as well!

Wicked Laser's Krypton Laser Review

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What Makes Wicked Laser’s Krypton Laser Different?

There are simply a lot of handheld lasers that are available in the market today. But, the Wicked Krypton Laser stands alone from the rest:

  • Virtually Indestructible

The Krypton laser boasts for an iconic S3 design. It is crafted from strong aluminum grade that is used on aircrafts. It’s indestructible. Wicked states that the beam will never fade as long as it’s intact. With the build, it seems promising. The tough build will ensure the performance and protection of the “guts” that makes this laser.

Krypton Laser Review

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  • Unparalleled Possibilities

With the nine unique operating modes such as the Constant Wave, Strobe, Tactical, SOS, Beacon and more, you can use it for whatever you need it for.

Secure and Lock

The great power of the handheld laser always comes with responsibility. This is a very powerful device and should be used with care. It’s definitely not a toy as it burns through items and certain materials. *See video below.

For extra safety, the Smart Switch technology will keep children from potentially burning down your home or blinding your neighbor.

Each of Wicked Laser’s Krypton Lasers is equipped with a pair of shades, a Panasonic charger, battery and tactical holster.


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